The Reality of Yoga- Part 5

23 September, 2022

The Reality of Yoga- Part 5

Reality of Yoga part 5  Drugs, yoga, quantum physics and the breath.

What they don’t tell you about Yoga. 


This month’s article is written from our own observations, research and insight.  The findings warrant concern.

How many of our readers have felt depleted of energy after a yoga practice?

How many have had a negative outlook?

Emotionally unstable?

How many eat more chocolate or crisps?

The above are some of negative aspects we can pick up from a yoga practice.

There are many practices which are the opposite to our yoga practices, unfortunately a lot of these take place in our studios.  Many are just a gimmick but some cause real harm to mental stability, those that are sensitive and for those who use yoga to improve themselves or to connect to their own spirits.

There are things that we do to ourselves which stop us connecting to our yoga practice and the real benefits.  This being said, today we write with the aim of making our readers aware.  This is not judgement but understandings, take from it what you wish.  Each of us walk our own path, our own spiritual lessons, our own soul growth. However, once you have read this, you may identify with some of the symptoms.  This is why we must always set our intentions before a class.  As we always say a good old stretch!

For some reading this they will think we are mental, know nothing, completely wrong, fools and idiots.  Some will understand, some will listen wisely, and some will have the moment when they think “I am not mad”.  Unless we are aware of spiritual dangers, then we can think we are losing the plot, unbalanced, emotionally unstable, suffer bad thoughts and seem to find all the bad attributes when we know we are not what are mind is shouting or telling us.

We will say it simply “Drugs have no place in a yoga practice”, many of you will agree but, and this is a big but, how many of our readers have ever considered how taking drugs in our own personal life will affect others in a group yoga class?  Probably none!

Remember that yoga is a spiritual practice to connect to God.  We all know and feel the good benefits but how does a person taking drugs effect the group?   What we want to do is give all our readers an understanding to consider, but more importantly to become aware of what is around us during a yoga practice, where poses open and close chakras (supposedly) and we say this because how yoga worked in the last epoch is not the same as how it is working now, especially in the West.

Drugs, yoga, quantum physics and the breath. Reality of Yoga part 5

Unless we open up our spiritual vision by connecting to our own spirits what we read and learn about yoga will always be misunderstood, misinterpreted and our ideas misconceived.

If a teacher is using drug’s, it will affect the class, if one of the class members is using drugs it will affect the class and teacher, the responsibly lays more with the teacher because they are using their breath to instruct the class.

Many of our readers and those this article will be shared with our now screaming at their phones or screens, but we will explain.  No one has to agree with what we are saying but for some it will explain the battles they have had in their own minds.

Before we move on, we will give you some understanding from a spiritual healing perspective.  In our healing rooms and sanctuaries, we see many who have or had problems with drugs. Using drugs opens the door to negative energy, these negative energies attract things which only cause pain and suffering.  These can only be shifted by a removal (if you want to know what a removal is click here).

We are not discussing those using CBD oil minus THC for pain relief or to improve the quality of life.  We are making our readers aware of the spiritual effects and how this affects others in a group environment and their mental wellbeing.

What we must remember is Cannabis lowers the vibration, it relaxes apparently?  For us, we see it as closes, it severs, it changes our reality.  There are many drugs that do this, but the dangers are ignored, its natural we hear, well so is heroin, but the Red Indians used to smoke it they cry, disregarding all the dangerous physical side effects, completely unaware of spiritual problems we can create in others by our own use!

There is no judgement here, it is about being aware.

Going back to our yoga class and those that smoke cannabis, how can that possibly effect our classmates?   Yoga in the West is not used for what it is intended for, we have picked and chosen what we want and discarded many principles that protect us.  If our teachers and classmates understood the power of symbols and how a yoga pose attracts qualities and influences change, then our classes would be so different!

So today we are going to give a very short introduction on one of the most misunderstood aspects of yoga and that is the breath.  As we like to change words in our articles, when we read about the breath we are talking about spirit.

Before we can move forward, we need to share a little lesson from the realm of quantum physics.  Quantum physics can help explain so much of our yoga practice (Hint Hint).  How many of us know that at this very present moment in time we are breathing in oxygen atoms that have passed through the lungs of Julius Caesar, Galileo and Albert Einstein to name a few.  If you want to know more about this subject, we suggest reading “Quantum theory cannot hurt you” by Marcus Chown, but also how every atom is also a wave or a vibration.

How does a negative vibration interact with a positive symbol i.e. yoga pose?

Going back to our yoga practice what does this mean? It means my breath can contaminate your lungs, heart and mind. The effects are amplified by process of spiritual energy and group consciousness. Our yoga practice is to create the changes we need for peace, the things we do which are opposite to this then create mental confusion, anger, unbalancing, intrusive thoughts, interference.  By nature of lower vibrations fighting higher vibrations, all in the unseen, the spirit world, the etheric world on which our yoga practice operates.  The effects being felt, not by the user but by others who are not engaged in such practices, manifesting in the minds, creating chaos believing it is our own minds and making our own troubles worse.

Drugs, yoga, quantum physics and the breath. Reality of Yoga part 5

In plain terms any practice which tries to open us spiritually and especially when in a class or group can be interfered with by individuals, especially as we begin to create energy by thought and poses.  Going back to the breath, what one breathes another will breathe, but to really understand we need to consider the function of the lungs and heart and what we call the Etheric double (When someone has spiritual healing we work on the etheric body/spirit and the changes reflect in the physical body).  Very similar to how a yoga pose should work to create change.

This topic of heart/lungs and breath is huge so we will keep it simple.  The negative residue carried in the breath of another will pass through our lungs and effect the magnetism of the heart, this then will also affect the mind.

We already know the dangers of smoking of Cannabis, but there are other spiritual dangers that we have to consider.  The hardening of the lungs reduces our ability to connect with the breath/spirit, the battle of higher and lower, good and bad vibrations will take place in our minds.  We see many talking about calcified pineal glands, but we can calcify our lungs and hearts so that the breath/ spirit cannot heal.  In truth the more and longer we smoke the more we damage our own ability to connect, think of a garden hose and slowly squeeze it till the flow stops.

What are the effects when we reduce our ability to connect to our breath?

One of the saddest things to consider is that many use cannabis to relax but what it really does is change our reality.  We believe it helps us cope.  This is where the negative aspect of the drug interferes, it reduces our ability to mentally defend ourselves, to question our mind, to challenge irrational and dangerous thoughts.  Mixing this with esoteric practices only leads one way and that is downhill, it will spread like wildfire throughout our classes, patiently waiting to for the right moment to strike.

Compare and contrast to a computer:  The software may be willing but if the hardware is broken?

Some of our readers may not be bothered about the consequences but we must now consider that we can influence others by unseen energy and connections.  We can make another’s problem worse. Yoga studios are like gyms full or all sorts of energy from sadness, anger pain and suffering to the polar opposites, we can hook on to all.  There are so many aspects that need to be taught to protect the energy of our studios, our teachers and classmates.

Set your intention before a class and that is for a good old stretch.

We also need to consider what we are told and what we teach our students.  Do we really want them to open their hearts when our studios are contaminated?  Have a little think of the unseen spiritual energy.  Going back to our atoms what is carried on our words and transferred by the breath.  If we are up to no good, using drugs or involved in immoral behaviour can this then influence our group or class?

Strengthen our own individual practice, focus on the light that is within,

Where there is light, there can be no dark.

Now here is the cavate, how do we help those who are trying to get away from drugs, addiction or to change their lives for the better, how do we use our group practice or individual practice.  Unfortunately, the days of the teacher protecting their students from unseen dangers and negative spiritual energy has long disappeared, wafting a bit of sage is not the answer.  The yoga of the west is only about the physical pose, and as we keep repeating ourselves, we are not even tapping into the real benefits.

We feel now we should give all our readers a piece of friendly advice.  As drugs have no place in a yoga studio, they most certainly should not be used as part of any group mediation.  Whenever we open ourselves up spiritually the use of drugs will let in things you wish you hadn’t.  Those using will be oblivious but to those who do not will suffer, things will change and eventually those who use will invite chaos into their lives.  If you turn up for a meditation and you smell drugs, walk away, you will be doing yourself a massive favour!

This is a very big subject, and the spiritual laws and mechanics have to be taught, understood and applied but returning to how we help others and ourselves, what do we need to do?

When it comes to group classes, we cannot control what others do nor should we.  What we can do is focus on ourselves and use the will to protect ourselves, but this only goes so far.  As a yoga teacher and a student, we need to be taught the mechanics of change, we need to know how our own actions and deeds react with our yoga positions, and yes it can cause a lot of chaos in the mind.  We need to understand what vibrations we attract when we use certain words, is that vibration of use to the individual or does it make them regress.  How does this regression effect the individual?  What do we mean by spiritual regression?

How many of us have been sick after a yoga practice and been told it is an expulsion?  Students undertaking practices that they are not prepared for nor protected from.  We suggest that you google why heroine make a user sick, and how it changes the chemicals in the brain, we also suggest reading up on being sick as a defence mechanism, an expulsion is not what you think it is?

We must learn how to protect ourselves from spiritual dangers, negative energy and what to avoid.

We need to be taught what is in the unseen around us!

Those who wish to know more about this please get in touch or come and speak with us on our Day of Healing, and for those who would like to help their students, classmates or friends by understanding some spiritual mechanics surrounding yoga and the dangers of unseen negative energy, then you know where we are.

We will offer something now for all our readers to consider.  We do not know what those who teach or share a class with get up to, but if someone is battling then we can make it worse by unseen connections in our yoga classes.  We can however set our intentions, and that is for a good old stretch, but we can do one more thing.  If you choose to do this, then it is done for no reward, do not expect good karma for it, do not even tell anyone that you do it.  Let it come from the kindness of the heart, and that is.

Strengthen the light in my classmates, teacher and myself.

Try this at the start of every class, it will go a long way, more than most will realise.

For what we send out comes back double.

We wish you unity with your spirits.

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Feel free to come and speak with us about any of the aspects we have discussed in this article on our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library 10-2pm.


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