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Being Grateful- Ask Maureen

23 September, 2022

Hello Dear Readers and Welcome to September.

This month we are holding our Healing Day at Crosby Library please see our website for further details. We have so much more to offer you. www.lifebalancestudio.co.uk

Firstly, dear Readers we cannot not comment on the passing of our dear Queen Elizabeth 11. She has made history. And we are all here to share in that history too. Sadly, my partners father had passed a few days preceding our dear Queen’s death.

My partner, his brothers, family, and dear friends, are still going through the grieving process.

We take our solace as Christians that death is not the end but the beginning of a beautiful life in spirit.

That great sage Silver Birch reminds us that when a child is born, we rejoice, and spirit world weep. For they know the journey that child will have, dealing with life’s ups and downs sadness and sorrows, difficulties, and the great joys.

The opposite is true when one of our loved ones dies to this life, we mourn the loss of our dear one. And spirit world rejoices as they are returning to their true home.

If you, or someone you know, has had someone who has passed recently, know that this is their time of mourning. If you feel they would benefit from extra support, we are holding our healing day this Saturday please come and join us. We can guide, and signpost you onto further help if needed.


Also, this month I would like to share with you my experience as a wheelchair user.

How it came about:

Toward the latter end of July, I sustained a soft tissue injury to my right knee. I did this during dance rehearsals. My foot went one way and my knee the other. What agony. I got home with the help of my partner took two paracetamol and went straight to bed thinking it would be fine in the morning.

My partner had left for work. It was only when I tried to stand on it did, I fully realise the extent of the injury. My knee was swollen twice the size of the other. The pain shot down my leg and I could not put my foot upon the ground. Without wincing.

The pain was so bad I had come down the stairs on my bottom shuffling from one step to the other.

And as it happened, I had left my mobile phone on my bedside cabinet.

Luckily, I had my partners numbers and other significant friends’ numbers in my home address book. Unfortunately, I could not get hold of any of them.

In desperation I rang 111 and spoke with an advisor, who recommended me having an Xray.

As my partner was in work, and I couldn’t drive my car. And could not get hold of any of my friends. I phoned for an ambulance. By now my whole leg was throbbing and I felt ill.

I was informed by the ambulance service that I could be waiting eleven hours. To elevate the knee with ice packs and if things worsen contact them again.

Time ticked by so slowly, and the pain seemed to worsen. Making my way to the downstairs loo was by hopping on my good leg. And grabbing hold of furniture and anything stable to support me.

Exhausted I hobbled back to the sofa and fell asleep.

I contacted my good friend Colin and asked for healing to have sent me.

Shortly afterwards I fell into a deep sleep. I was startled when the doorbell rang. Alan my partner had returned.

He assessed the situation. We asked our daughter to see if she could purloin a wheelchair and she obliged. Her neighbour had kindly lent one to us.

Bliss I was mobile. Going to the loo oh what a relief.

We made our way to the Ormskirk walk in centre; we knew that this would take less time than A@E. We also knew that Ormskirk Hospital had an Xray service.

After a ten-minute wait, we were seen by a nurse who took my BP and temperature. And an hour and twenty minutes later we saw the triage nurse.

Who examined the knee and diagnosed the soft tissue injury perhaps involving the cruciate ligament? With sound advice on managing the knee, and total relief that no bones were broken I did not need an Xray. I returned home.

And after taking some more pain killers, promptly fell asleep.

My experience as a new wheelchair user was most interesting.

I noticed that in some stores access was more difficult. Parking and negotiating sidewalks, proved hazardous as there were no slopes, or ramps. Crossing roads was precarious, as being so low down I felt very vulnerable, as drivers tended to look ahead and not downwards. My partner had to tilt the chair to get me down and then onto the road and push me sharpish to cross the road to reach the pavement safely.

In nearly all the stores save the supermarkets the toilets were situated upstairs. Access to them was either by stairs or escalator with a lift so small we hardly fitted in.

Reaching up onto the store’s shelves without assistance for shopping items was also another obstacle. Luckily, I had my partner to assist me.

People tended to address the wheelchair handler rather than the user.

A few friendly till assistants did acknowledge me. But If people did look at me, they tended to stare and look away.

How interesting this all was.

And how frustrating not to be able to run upstairs to fetch some item.

The sofa in the sitting room became my bedroom and living space.

I would sit in my kitchen for a change of scenery.

I watched tv till I was so bored. Read when I could concentrate and slept mostly.

Healing was taking place and my good friends in the Truth of Spirit kept me in their prayers and even came to visit to give me healing.

I did physio when things improved. And graduated onto crutches.

It took a friend to point out that they were not sized correctly.

Once this was corrected. I learnt the correct way to use them.

It was a quick recovery. I put this down to the resting and the healing.

I was so happy to ditch the wheelchair, and crutches, and move under my own steam.

What did I learn?

That patience and prayer, healing, and sleep, and resting, play a huge role in recovery. Also, a positive mental attitude. And finding things that I could do to purposefully to pass the time.

I decluttered kitchen cupboards all from a sitting position.

Washed units down.

Continued with drawing and painting.

Did some gardening all from the seated position.

And by using my perching stool managed to produce some amazingly good meals.

I did not feel sorry for myself. But I did feel more compassion and admiration for all the wheelchair users that I met on my travels.

The young lad who cheerfully propelled himself along the promenade in Southport whilst eating an ice cream.

The young and elderly who had mobility problems.

Southport is an ideal place to visit as there are slopes that go from one side of the road to the other and shopping is much easier in the arcade.

There are plenty of benches to sit and rest. Some under cover.

The boating lake is always full of people trying out their skills. Families having great fun steering their vessels trying top avoid the swans and ducks. All this kept me amused and entertained. If I couldn’t join in, then I could jolly well observe. My partner became a dab hand at handling my wheelchair, folding it and placing it in the car and negotiating difficult terrain. We love to walk, and fresh air is so important to us both. The chair enables us to continue to do this.

I did feel isolated. And missed my daily routine. Driving my car.

I prayed and meditated more. I was thankful that this was only a temporary situation. And that with God’s good grace I would heal swiftly, I had to do my part too.

I am so grateful to all the healers their spirit helpers and guides.

We are so fortunate to be part of this wonderful family of the Truth of Spirit.

Just ordinary people like you and me. But we know that God exists, and we know the power of prayer.


That is why I am sharing this story with you.

This has been mostly about me, and my experience, and I am grateful to you dear reader for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this.

My hope is that after reading this article you are encouraged to come along to our healing day. And taste and see for yourself the healing that is available to you.

Until next time, be kind to one another, and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

I send you all love and light and May God’s blessings be upon you.

Maureen x

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