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September – Sapphire – Reiki Rach

22 September, 2022

I am writing this September blog a little later than usual, so I apologize to those born in this beautiful month waiting to read about your birthstone.

If you are born in September your birthstone is SAPPHIRE, and a beautiful stone it is! I have to say that sapphires are precious to me personally as I wore them as my something blue on my wedding day.

When we think of sapphire, we usually think of a beautiful deep blue gem but they actually come in many different colours; yellow, green, pink, violet, white. In fact, you can find it in most colours except red. But for the purpose of this post, we will discuss the blue sapphire.

Typically found in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Madagascar this stunning jewel is probably best known for its abilities of bringing fulfilment, joy and wisdom.

If like me you are sensitive to the changes this month brings [cooler, damper days] and you feel your bones creaking and aching a little then this stone can help with the physical transaction from summer to autumn. With its gentle energy it can help to sooth aching bones and the affects of aging, so never mind diamond’s being a girl’s best friend I think sapphires are.

Sapphires can aid with many physical ailments including issues with your stomach, heart, adrenal glands, glandular fever and infection. Sapphire, with its gentle, wise healing energy can bring emotional balance. If you are struggling with low mood, spiralling thoughts or unhappiness sapphire can help you to find the light and bring new hope and enable you to see the beauty life brings with it.

My hope for you this September is that you find the beauty this month of change brings with it.

Peace, Love & Harmony

Reiki Rach.


Don’t forget Saturday the 24th of September is our Day of Healing.  If you would like to know more about the articles I write, then please come and speak with me.

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