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Clarke Boulter – Mountain Leader and Climbing Instructor

17 December, 2020




The benefits of spending time in the ‘great outdoors’ are widely known and well recognised. What with the national and local lockdowns that we have had to contend with for much of 2020, I have seen an explosion of interest in walking; whether going for a walk from your front door or hiking up a big mountain. The downside of all this interest is that it is inevitable that some people may get caught out, particularly in the mountains and moorlands. One of the most common reasons mountain rescue organisations are called out is because the caller is lost. If you are considering going into the mountains yourself, ask yourself, do you know how to navigate well using a map and a compass?





If not, I can confidently say that within a day, preferably two, I can teach you how to confidently use a map and compass; the benefits being that you can safely explore the wild places of this wonderful country of ours, far more safely and with a greater degree of independence and freedom. In the next few weeks, I shall be releasing dates for 2021 on my website RemoteOptions.co.uk (including navigation course and mountain walks) but I would be delighted to speak to you directly on 07962012475. I hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year! From Clarke of Remote Options.

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