Reiki Rach

17 December, 2020


The True Spirit of Christmas.

Christmas comes but once a year,

And with it, it can bring a lot to fear.

Long lines in shops,

An argument with pops.

We worry about the perfect gift,

And wonder how we can pay,

Trying to pick up extra shifts along the way.

But 2020 has been difficult enough,

Without the pressure of purchasing all this stuff.

“Well that’s what Christmas is all about” I hear you say,

But what happened to love and joy along the way?

I tell you this to keep it in mind,

Make sure that you remember to find

The joy in each day, this season can bring,

Sharing and caring are a wonderful thing.

With each gift you unwrap think not of the cost,

Or the wrapping un-neat,

But think of the love and thought put into your treat.

Family and friends,

Best wishes to all.

A grateful heart,

Peace on earth.

If this season you bear these in mind,

The true spirit of Christmas

Is there to find.

May you find peace, love and harmony this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas

Reiki Rach x

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