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Yoga, Diamonds and Bananas

11 November, 2020

The Diamond of the Heart

So, come on, tell us all, what has Bananas and Diamonds got to do with Yoga?

To start with, not all Yoga positions are physical.

Here at Life Balance we have a very different understanding of Yoga.  We look at Yoga from a spiritual perspective and what we can do to help our minds, souls and spirits.  If you want to learn to perform a pose then there are thousands of websites that show this, but here we will work on Yoga of the mind.  We will introduce a different understanding that is.  Yoga, Diamonds and Bananas

Yoga of the mind can be done by anyone and anywhere as union should be, so instead of focusing on the external we will look at the internal, and as physical yoga can help with aches and pains we will help with creating the mental changes to improve our lives through Yoga.

What Is the Diamond of the heart???  What is it used for? How do we use it? Is it safe to use?

Every teaching has an inner and outer message, so we will work on keeping it simple, then once we understand, the inner becomes the outer and we continue learning.

Each one of us carry a diamond within, it is brilliant white that no amount of money could ever match.  Diamonds are about clarity and seeing things clearly, but this is an outer or lesser teaching as we would say.  We could say it’s a method of raising one’s vibration but again this is a lesser teaching.  The diamond is a stone of self-healing.

Before we go on any further as a matter of spiritual safety, we are only using what is already around us naturally although unseen, this is not a meditation where the correct protections must always be in place but it is still very important that we set our intention before we start and that is “I ask only for self-healing” and absolutely nothing else.

The diamond can be used by all and for now considered a corrective position and is very helpful for those suffering from low self-esteem or self-worth, confidence and social anxiety, breathing problems but also injustice.  This practice will help us all from isolation and coping with lockdown. Remember, there is no amount of physical wealth that could buy this diamond but for some reason it seems to shine the most in those not interested in wealth.

Now, this is where the banana comes in!  To use the diamond, we first have to imagine it, full of light, warm and loving and being the custodian of this diamond, no one is better than you, we are all worth the same.  We are all precious, YOU are precious.

Then like peeling a banana imagine your physical body or skin being opened to reveal your beautiful light, your diamond, your treasure within.  Then by using our minds place the diamond over the heart.


Using the torsion field (energy created by the heart). We use the heart to send the Diamond healing light into our auras.  We are now using our mind and hearts together.  This is only the beginning and the doorway to greater teachings, if you are suffering then try it for a few moments each day.  Over time you will begin to feel peaceful, have a change of outlook as well as training your mind to connect with your heart. Feel the peace, love and light.  Where there is light, there cannot be dark, and this includes dark thoughts.

It is very important that we all understand that Yoga is about union with God it will not bring us money or physical wealth and no amount of manifestation ceremonies will do this regardless of what we are promised, what this will do is to help us understand that there is more to life than just the physical.  That we are dual, a spirit in a physical body.  If we focus on looking outside for happiness, then we may not realise what we carry within, but the diamond is a good place to start to help us on our way.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will continue with our lessons to help us take more from our Yoga practice and bring peace into our lives in these most uncertain of times.  If you do have any questions or struggling, then feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you.

If you have any questions about this topic, you can get in touch with the team or come and speak with us on our next “Day of Healing“.

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