Flower Fairies

1 July, 2023

Flower Fairies - Ask Maureen

Flower Fairies- July Ask Maureen


Hello Dear Readers and welcome to a much cooler July.


Recently some friends and I visited The Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight.

Imagine my delight as there was a wonderful exhibition of Flower Fairies.  Watercolours of the most delicate shades, depicting exquisite, dainty fairies, in nature in all its glory.

The sorrel fairy is celebrated in Ireland.  The candy tuft fairy, one of my favourites.  The strawberry fairy, The apple-blossom fairies, Hawthorne, rose, and so many more.



Cicely Mary Barker, water colour artist has produced these fine paintings, painstakingly, depicting each fairy feature.  Surely, She must have had divine inspiration to have been able to paint such wonderfully, graceful, figures.  We in our art class can only hope to copy what catches our eye.  To have Cicely’s talent is a gift indeed.

As you may know faeries as it was spelt in old England, are elementals along with ladybirds, bees, butterflies, damson flies, and dragonflies.

Flower Fairies - Ask Maureen

Flower Fairies – July Ask Maureen

I saw young and old smile and gaze mistily at these wonderful pieces of art, myself included.  For a short while I was transported to another place, another time;

lost in their beauty.

I have a young friend who can transport himself out of his mortal body and see with his spiritual eyes the wonders of God’s good spirit world.  He tells me that the colours are beyond anything that we have seen or can imagine.


Our God is saving the best till last…when we eventually all cross over to our spiritual home and see for ourselves the wonders that await us.

I am reminded of a message that was once given to me.  HOPE, stands for happy, optimistic, positive, everything will be OK.  Without HOPE we have nothing.  We may not have the ideal world here on earth, but it is our home.

Sometimes we have to go in search of beauty, I can promise you, you will not be be disappointed if you take the time to visit; The Lady Lever Art Gallery, especially if you have never been before, and see for yourself the wonderful works of art, including The Wedgwood blue room.  The Chinese room, and of course the Fairy exhibition, only on until September.

Take your Grandchildren, children, give them a treat away from their computers and game-boys.  Or go with a friend and Enjoy a coffee and cake in their splendid cafe.  Visit their enchanting shop.  Then take a stroll along the rose-gardens opposite the Art Gallery and see the roses, whilst they are in bloom, you will smell their intoxicating scents and be happy you made the journey.


Until next time dear friends be kind to one another, and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Love and best wishes

Maureen x


If you wish to learn more about the elementals then you can read the following articles written by the team or come and pick our brains at Crosby Library.

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