July – Books

1 July, 2023

July Books Reiki Rach
July – Books – Reiki Rach
I find that when asking people if they like reading you usually get a marmite type of reaction, they either “love it” or “hate it”.
I was never a fan of reading. I found it boring and if I’m honest difficult. I was bullied because of my slow reading and I muddle up the words a lot. However as I have gotten older I have begun to enjoy it a little more.
Books are a fantastic tool we can use to bring enlightenment, knowledge and growth.
Another thing books are fantastic at is soaking up energy be it good or bad.
I had an experience a few years ago now with a book I was given by a family member. I got half way through the book and I noticed that there had been a shift in my life and not for the better.
Things started happening, nightmares, losing things, fights with loved ones. Then I realized it all started once I started reading this book!
I asked the family member where they had purchased the book and they had purchased it from a charity shop, so God only knows where this book has been and what energies it was absorbing and then emitting into my home.
Needless to say the book had to go! I never finished reading it and got rid of it so nobody else would have the same experience.
July Books – Reiki Rach
However this was just the start. The book had allowed negative energy to enter my home and in the following weeks things became worse. Resulting in me needing to have a removal done on not only my home but myself and my husband.
So you see we need to be vigilant on what we bring into our homes as we don’t know where they have been or who has touched them and the energies they have absorbed.
My hope for you this July is that you grow in knowledge and develop your discernment.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach
We would like to make all our readers aware it is not only books that can do this.  If you wish to know more or think you may have a problem then get in touch or come and speak to us on our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library. I will be there on the 23rd of September offering Reiki to those that need it and any sick animals.

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