Meditation May- Reiki Rach

5 May, 2021

Meditation May

I briefly touched on meditation back in Februarys blog. If you have been following my journey you will know I have been dedicating each month to something I want to work on to grow and develop my overall health and wellbeing this year.  

I discovered meditation about 6 years ago now. I had heard of it prior to this but I had never practiced it before. I started using meditation to help me quieten my mind from all the anxious thoughts I was having.  

I have spoken before about my accident and the effect it had on me both physically and mentally. As my mental health began to suffer, I realised I needed to do something to try and pull myself back from this dark place I had found myself in and that is what meditation did for me.  

Meditation became the light in the dark and each time I threw another log onto the flame the light inside me grew. Meditation means different things to everyone but for me its my way to a lighter life and it enables me to live in a brighter and more peaceful place. 

There are many different forms of meditation and its about finding the practice that best suits you. Some like to sit quietly, others may recite prayers, you may prefer to use guided meditations it all comes down to preference. Meditation is a very personal and spiritual practice. Myself I like to mix it up. For example, if I am feeling a bit disconnected from my inner energy I will usually sit in quiet meditation and focus on building my inner light back up. Other days I may feel like I need some guidance so I may “pray” (speak to a higher being/energy) and ask for help.  

However you decide to incorporate meditation into your life there are a few things we need to keep in mind. 

  • We need to make sure we are in a safe space. Its no good thinking I need to meditate and closing your eyes for a lovely meditation while you’re doing 70 down the motorway. Believe me that will NOT end well!! 
  • If we have water in our safe mediations space this will aid in cleansing the space of negative or stagnant energy and purify your spirit. 
  • We need to be sure to sit in the protected position. This will keep our inner energy safe. 
  • Finally, we need to understand the dangers of meditation and putting protections in place before we start.

If this blog has sparked your inner light and your curiosity please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have and finally, I have some exciting news…I will be introducing some meditation groups in the Liverpool area. If you would like to come along or find out more about these meditation sessions please do get in touch.  

My hope for this May is that you will find the light inside you and that through your own meditation practice your light becomes a beacon of love, grace and inner peace. 

Peace, love and harmony  

Reiki Rach  




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