More availability for today’s workshop – Dealing With Negative Thoughts 4pm

17 September, 2017


Negative thoughts can not only upset our day they can disrupt the body and cause physical ailments. When we harbour a negative thought it can grow and attract more of the same thoughts. This then can lead us on to a downward spiral. How do we combat this ? What tools do we have to stop us arriving at that point? How does sending out a negative thought react on our own bodies ? How do we change our thought processes so we do not build up our own negative energy?
Life balance studio will be hosting our next Mindfulness workshop focusing on combating negative thoughts and giving us some tools to keep them away. The workshop will be taken by our friend Paul Brennan of The Enlightened Mind and will be held on.
Sunday the 17th of September from 4.00pm until 5.30pm.
The fee is £25 pounds. For all of our members who attended the introduction workshop there is £5 discount.
Booking is essential please contact the studio 01704 877980 or


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