Reconciliation – Ask Maureen

5 August, 2022

reconciliation ask maureen

Reconciliation – Ask Maureen

Hello Dear Readers, and welcome to the month of August. 

A little reminder that our next day of healing will be at Crosby Civic Hall Library on Saturday 15th April 10am to 2.00pm. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/

Come and meet the spiritual healers, reiki masters, counsellors, yoga instructors, and enjoy a mindful meditation with us. 

In my last article, I wrote about Graduation and how we as spirits progress through our earthly incarnation. 

Some of you may not believe in re-incarnation, but its truth, and fact.  So many people have memories, or visions of their past lives.   And not through hypnotic regression.   

A friend’s husband told me that when he was a young farmer, he cut his arm on a very sharp piece of machinery quite badly, he had a vision of himself being struck down dead, during hand-to-hand combat in a field around the time of the English civic war. Due to his injury, He lost a lot of blood and needed several stiches.  He is fine now but that memory still haunts him.  

Another friend told me that when he was just a teenager he saw tanks, and visions of war on his bedroom wall.  This upset him and it took several decades to learn, that he, in that previous life was operating the tank as a young soldier who lost his life in the war. 

There are many books on past lives if you care to read them. 

I am more concerned with this life, as this is the important one and how we live it determines our spiritual progression in the next life. Raymond Moody’s Life after Life is an excellent read. 

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, and as a spiritual person I do not use hypnosis to regress people back to a previous life.  There is enough drama, upset, and challenges in this life, to be dealing with past lives.  It is also dangerous!

  Know this truth when we die to this physical life; we go through a process in the spiritual side of life.  When everything, and I mean everything, that we have done will be known, the good the bad and the ugly deeds. And we will be shown how our past lives, have helped us to progress.   Everything has meaning in spirit world, and for us to progress spiritually we cannot accomplish this in just one lifetime.  I believe that we cannot go through this life without making mistakes, have errors of judgement, do the wrong thing, and stray from the right path.   

It is only through our mistakes, that we learn.  Sometimes it takes several attempts at doing what is right before we get the lesson.  If we do not, then the lesson is repeated, only it gets harder. 

How many of us can sincerely say yes, I have always done the right thing in any situation?  Spirit world will say it is our intention that is important.  Did we intentionally cause, someone upset, misery, or hardship? 

There are always consequences to our actions.  The golden rule of cause and effect is what we give out comes back to us tenfold. 

Louise L Hay has written about this in her excellent book, entitled, “You can heal your life.” 

When we re-incarnate into this life the slate is wiped clean, and so are our memories.  There is karmic debt, to work through in this life, past mistakes, there is also dharma from the things that we have done right, in a previous lifetime.  And a lesson learnt the hard way once is hardly ever repeated, so hopefully we do not make the same mistake again. 

Yeshua, (Jesus), our Lord, tells us to love our neighbour as ourselves. And this sounds easy enough if we have lovely neighbours.  But what if our neighbour is disruptive, noisy, or anti-social.  Then what?  The Catholics have a saying love the sinner but hate the sin. 

Recently elderly friends of mine had a minor dispute, with their new neighbours.  Instead of the acceptable, expected, ok noted response, they got abuse and hostility. 

This shook them, as they thought they had acted reasonably.  Hurt, angered, and feeling resentful, they talked about how to handle this insult, as they saw it.  Convinced that they were right, and the new neighbours were wrong, they felt indignant to be treated this way.  They would never consider themselves as judgemental but here they were, giving vent to their hurt feelings and passing judgements upon them. 

Reconciliation – Ask Maureen

After the heat, hurt, and anger, subsided in them.  They decided not to feel a victim and recognised that this lesson was intended for all concerned.  

Spirit world test us, they set tests for us, to see how we are making progress. Our souls have made plans so that we can overcome past life difficulties and learn lessons so that we can graduate in spirit world when we return home. 

It was a timely reminder for them to learn that it is not easy to turn the other cheek and love thy neighbour as thy self. In the end they did the right thing and sent love and light.   

 Recalling the golden rule, they put their resentment aside.  And talked about the valuable lesson they had learned. 

Their neighbours remain frosty towards them, but they have learned to live with that. 

How many fallouts, family arguments, have led to rifts, with neither party speaking for decades. Family feuds, that split other family members, who’s on whose side etc. The path of peace is not an easy path to walk. 

Would you rather be right and make the other person wrong or would you rather do the right thing? 

Sometimes walking away, is a solution. Like turning the other cheek. 

When Yeshua, was being held prisoner, and the Roman soldiers were taunting him, how easy it would have been for him to respond and chastise them, by summoning his army of angels to come down and rescue him.  Or to bring fire and brimstone.   Or to dethrone Herod and overrule Pilot.  But he showed tremendous courage, faith, and love.  Even when they tortured him and hung him on the cross to die.  He forgave them. 

If he the Son of God can do that for us, then turning the other cheek is easy, when we do not let the ego get in the way.  And remember that we are spirit having a human experience.  The Ego is the one who want to hold onto grudges, old hurts, and resentments. EGO a good friend pointed out, stands for Edging God Out.  I love that explanation. 

  Many illnesses and diseases are caused by holding onto anger, and resentment.  We need to learn to let go, and let God, intervene, with his grace and favour. 

I hope that this has helped some of you who may be in dispute with another, maybe a work colleague, boss, family member, or neighbour. 

Please do not hang onto old hurts, anger, or resentment.  Let it go.  If you or another has caused a rift, try to mend it.  I know easier said than done. 

But if we hand it over to God and ask for the help.  It will be given. I have personal experience of this.  A loved family member, cut off all ties with the family.  No one had communication with them.  We put the prayer out and after two years, they got in touch. Imagine the joy, relief, and gratitude we all felt. 

This reminds me of the Bible story of the prodigal son, his father would look out for him, every day for years until one day his son returned. 

  When I was a small child our Sunday school had a lovely picture of Jesus appearing with a young lamb over his shoulders, the message being that he would search out the lost one and bring it safely back to the fold. 

Having peace of mind by reminding ourselves we are spirit.  

 When we ask for divine help and guidance, we are shown the way.  

  We ask Through prayer.  

“Ask and it shall be given, seek and Ye shall find.  Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” 

  We seek spiritual guidance, wisdom to do the right thing. 

Remember dear friends that to err is human and to forgive is divine. 


Enjoy your summer, and remember a problem shared is a problem halved. 

I and the team look forward to meeting some of you on our next Healing Day. 

Until next time dear friends be kind to one another. 

May Gods peace, love, light, and happiness be with you all. 

Maureen x 

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