Scared of Dying? Take refuge in Mountain Pose

7 January, 2023

scared of dying

Scared of Dying? Take refuge in Mountain Pose

From a very young age I have always contemplated dying.  My earliest recollection is being in bed and thinking, “I am going to die”.  I was only 7 or 8, maybe younger.  It terrified me put me into an instant panic.  I was so scared all I wanted to do was jump out of bed and run downstairs to my mum.  She would make things better!

At such a young age I had no understanding, nothing, it was absolute, I did not want to die.  Over the years the thoughts would come, and it would be the same, massive panic, fear, then I would calm down but always there playing in the background.

I have never been scared of how I would die, although I do believe there are some cracks in my mind which let glimmers of past lives in,  which can keep you away from certain things or cause torment although not fully conscious of the fact.  Hence as we say, past life regression is very dangerous and should never be done, breathing techniques and certain yoga, without proper preparation will cause people more harm than good, but this is for another day.

I suppose I was always lucky as I always knew there was more where friends and family felt the complete opposite.  This being said, there are many like myself back then completely terrified and burdened.

Growing up and throughout my life I have had many experiences which could not be explained unless looking from a spiritual or psychic lens. I have witnessed and been involved in things that others would think I was mad, but these, until I began to develop my relationship with my spirit are now all simple, fully explainable and have given me complete faith in the afterlife.

I have been lucky to see through the door marked summer, the Golden Door, the doorway home! https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/the-door-marked-summer/

What I can share is that no one could ever tell me any different, I know there is an afterlife, a spirit world.  I am a spirit in a physical body.  I have felt the love, and once you feel this, everything changes, union, yoga, yoking.  Our perception changes, how we treat others changes, how we see the world around us.  We are always connected, nothing is ever lost, no one is ever lost


Ponder on these words,

 Union – Reunion

We are only ever separated for a little time.

There are so many things that cannot be taught over the internet nor should be.  So much fragmented information that is more troublesome than helpful.  However, we can find those words and stories that inspire, gives hope, and make us feel better in times of sorrow.

Yoga has these same values, attributes, and remedies if we care to look.  The mountain pose is one such pose that can help.  We have written much about the mountain.  The feminine aspect of God or as we fondly refer to her as “Our Heavenly Mother”.

Not everyone has active abilities, but we have always had the ability to connect with our Heavenly Mother, to immerse ourselves in her loving vibrations that comfort when sad, hurt, lost, lonely.  Her vibrations improve are our own vibration, she makes things better.

Scared of Dying? Take refuge in Mountain Pose

Like most of our poses here in the West we do not use them as they can be used.  We only use the outer form.   We use poses to correct bad posture, strengthen muscles, to improve overall health.  Why do we not use the poses to help improve our thoughts, our understanding, remove fears or blockages?

If we are scared of death we cling to the lower chakras, resisting change, ignoring the loving impulses of the soul for Union/Reunion.

If we are scared of dying, we can change this, we can bring ourselves to a point of peace.  I have no fear of death, it holds no power over me anymore. Yes, of course there are those who I would not want to leave but we will always be reunited with those that we love.  However, on the other side there are those waiting to see us, who love us, who eagerly await our return.


When we need understanding, we need to seek the wisdom in mountain pose, simple prayer, heartfelt prayer, just ask our Heavenly mum for help, tell her.  “I am scared, help me”, we need to activate our poses.  The law of cause and effect comes into place here, sympathetic vibration, ask and it shall be given, the love of the mother.

If any of our readers struggle then please get in touch, if any are struggling with loss of a loved one or fear of losing someone one, there is help.  If anger from loss is eating you up, then come and talk our doors are always open.  Paul and Maureen have written many articles about death and life after death which may help.  If you wish to know about any of the experiences, just curious or want to help someone that you know.  Please come and see us on our Day of Healing.

We wish you unity with your spirits.


Please like and share to those this may help.  If you are scared of dying or troubled then please come and speak with us on our next “Day of Healing” at Crosby Library.  https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/


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