Shield of Humility

29 June, 2023

Shield of Humility LifeBalance

Shield of Humility – LifeBalance


Whatever path we are walking in this life there is something which can always aid us.  As the heading above suggests it is humility.  Remember, when we look at something it changes.

We normally write through the lens of yoga.  What we mean by this, is that we convey spiritual understandings in a yoga context.  Today we will share a spiritual truth through the lens of the spirit within.  When we covey spiritual truth it can illuminate all lens.

On our planet at this moment in time we see so much darkness, chaos but maybe this is how it is supposed to be.  Maybe what is going on is to force us to look inwards, at ourselves.  Knowing and feeling that we are spirit can free us from many of the problems that trouble us daily.  It is not to say these troubles will always disappear, but we have the strength to wrestle, to battle, to find our inner light.

From personal experience, many years ago, I was told to look within, I had no idea what that meant.  Let alone how.  What did make it easier was learning spiritual laws.  Once we learn them and apply them, things improve pretty quickly.  Not all paths are the same, so the help for some may be different.  Rest assured we are helped.  Sometimes we just do not know how much we are hurting ourselves.

One of these understanding is “The Shield of Humility” or from a yoga perspective, yogic humble pie!  Regardless of who we are, what we think of ourselves and others.  It is always good to have a little nibble now and then.  As we know it is not easy for all but helpful for everyone. Another aspect of being Grounded.

We all do it, just the level of mental wrestling is different.  This is the thing with all thoughts of a negative nature, even if we lose, keep wrestling.  One of the most destructive forces on any spiritual path is pride.  It can take courage to recognise our own challenges, but, in that recognition, we are wrestling, we are trying to refine ourselves.

Even in the physical world, humility will open doors that are closed.  Yes, there will always be those will try to take advantage of humility, but we are working on ourselves.  Goethe, the German philosopher wrote on the importance of being wrong.  The Sufi’s teach that humility allows us to be filled. To be filled, what does this mean?

In humility there is strength, there is courage, there is light.  We see many that struggle with self-worth, low self-esteem, believe they are worthless.  This is so not the case.  If we could show them, tweak a few things here and there.  They would find their diamond, they would be filled.

Humility helps to free us from the “self” the physical.  Reread the paragraph above.  When we are wrong or have messed up.  Humility allows us to correct our position, to change our position.  It frees us from the clutches of the Ego which clings to physical life. (Sounds a lot like yoga to us).

We will always get things wrong.  We will always mess up.  We are supposed to.  We are on this planet to learn, to change, to repose, to refine.   The shield of humility is a tool bag.  Once we look inside, we find many things that help us.  As we always say, when we look at something it changes.

When we are out and about, we offer this to try.  Look at everyone around and know they are spirit.  What we have, how we look, the challenges we all face these are all aspects of our path.  We are all equal.  Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes.  We all know the expression “a diamond in the rough”.  There have been many beautiful spirits incarnated into the humblest of lives.  Many of these became great world teachers.

The Shield of Humility – LifeBalance

Humility allows us to remove layers, to see beyond the physical.  It stops our pride shutting doors that allow us to connect.  If we have been humbled, made fun off, troubled or our pride allows anger to overwhelm us.  We practice humility.  We allow this gentle thought, pose, vibration to bring the balance back.

Humility can be a hard path or pose.  Like forgiveness.  Things take time, we have lessons to learn, experiences to have. Just like yoga for those trying to attract the qualities of the pose, the vibrations.  Humility protects us from many spiritual dangers because of what a thought or pose can attract. What our emotions can attract.

Prideful thoughts, negative thoughts, angry thoughts if we send out those requests they will be answered.  What will return will hurt ourselves more than any other.  We have our shield, it prevents us from hurting ourselves, it deflects, it is as soft as wool.  It teaches us to disarm our thoughts before they have a chance to be sent out.

Humility protects us from others, it can take the sting out of words.  Words, vibrations our own can be more destructive than those of another.  We hurt ourselves.  It is not always easy to be humble, for some it is their nature and the rest of us somewhere in between.

Whatever path we are walking, when we are troubled, battling.  When we are wrestling.  Raise the shield of humility to aid us.  Ask the right questions.  Wrestle for humility but do not be upset if we lose a few bouts.  The shield, like our diamond is always with us.  We just need to pick it up, but it can be so hard.

What we send out, comes back double

Remember battles are THOUGHT

We wish you unity with your spirit.

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