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28 June, 2023

Forget Kundalini – LifeBalance


Kundalini is one of those things that you cannot warn people about.  Many just have to have the bad experience.  Some experiences cannot be fixed.  Many will ignore warnings, and many will not be aware of the changes that can take place.

We must be careful of what we write here because we do not wish to give any knowledge that may lead to problems.  We do not wish to explain anything that may lead to danger or self-harm through misuse.

This is a big problem.  Many are just not aware of the changes that can occur.  Many do not care-until the they get the 2nd voice in their heads.

There is a reason why Kundalini is so far down the line in the Upanishads.

We need to be honest with ourselves, why do we wish to raise kundalini?  We need to know our intention, our goals.  What are we going to do with it?  To ensure we do not give any instruction that will allow a student to hurt themselves we will just ask some questions.

Kundalini in the West is mainly a gimmick but a gimmick with consequences.  If a person has raised Kundalini.  We are quite certain they would not teach Kundalini as it is here in the west.  Why? Because it is dangerous. It is not as simple as made out.  It is not respected nor understood.

If we are going to do Kundalini yoga for exercise, then set the intention “for a good old stretch only”.  Be careful here, as if we are going in the attempt to raise serpent energies, then be prepared.  It is all great until we are the one with anxiety and fear.  Wait till the snake bites you!

If those reading this article have read any of our other material, they will have an idea why we do not advise trying to raise Kundalini.  If the teacher has not become enlightened and knows not the pitfalls, then it’s the blind leading the blind.  Unless we are just following a sequence that we have been taught.

Sequence, sentence they are still sending out instructions, all unseen to the majority of yoga practitioners.  They just feel the effects, but all is good apparently.

Unless we are living the correct lifestyle, have the right teacher, in the right place and know how to stop the process, then don’t start.  Not all things that are started will stop until they finish.  This may seem odd but those who know will understand and it is not pleasant.

We will ask the same question again:  Why is Kundalini down the list in the Upanishads?

We are talking from a position of experience and knowledge.  If there is one practice that will cause mental instability it is the above practice.  More so if trying to walk several paths at once! By that mixing esoteric practices amongst other things.

The human mind cannot force a spiritual experience,

If we are trying to raise Kundalini, we are forcing it.

We know what many will say.  I have been doing it and I am fine. Well, good luck, what about those who are not.  What about those who have not had the safety brief or warning.  Those who have been told its normal to feel like this while spasming and twitching.  Its normal if there is a problem.  If we are going to teach these practices then full responsibility lays with the teacher, the teacher should know why!

Forget Kundalini – LifeBalance

forget kundalini

This all being said there is an easier path, a path which is gentle, which is easy to be Yoked to.  Honesty to ourselves is key in yogic development.  Why are we teaching and why are we learning.

There are basic steps when one becomes aware that will open the mind.  These steps are soft hearted and clement. When we walk these steps, things change for us.  If we’ve gone too quickly, we can rest at each step, breath before continuing.

As things change, we see differently, feel differently, act differently, our position has improved, our condition has refined.  We do not run before we can walk, and we cannot walk before we have learnt to crawl.

Forcing Kundalini will attract spiritual dangers.

If we are unhappy and want to make changes, we wish to do better then there is a simple way.  It does not have the ego factor.  It is slow and surefooted.  There are so many ways to improve our situation and for those around us. However, there are those who want quick change, the Western way.

The path is simple, it is the way of the Peaceful warrior. Not just standing in a shape, it is practising the essence.  We will all see the benefits very quickly, we see development.   Our actions impress upon the soul and refinement commences.  Dangerous energies and spirits are avoided, and we allow the true teacher to come forward.

Spasms are not good regardless of what we are told

Mark 2:22 may help


 Forget Kundalini – LifeBalance

Kundalini is far from important, there many lessons to understand, practice and prepare.  Through the yoga lens:  There are many poses to practice and hold pain free.  Practice should become habits. If we still decide to take the path of Kundalini, then there is something we will offer.  We should have the complete understanding of “Childs Pose”.

Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child’s Pose

Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child’s Pose p.2

It is a doorway to knowledge to higher vibrations.  When we walk through this door, when we take this path, everything changes.  It is not the path of Kundalini.

Union-Yoking becomes simple.

For any of those who are reading this.  Please know that Kundalini can do permanent damage, not even a removal will help because of what has been attracted.  Be aware we can change our reality and that is not good.  If the physical brain is changed it may never connect properly to our consciousness.  These are but a few reasons not to mess with this practice.  We must know the dangers and it is immoral not to mention these.


If you think you may have a problem then get in touch. If you wish to learn more about the spiritual aspects of yoga and how to use them safely, then drop us a line.  You can also speak to us on our next “Day of Healing event”.

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