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Thank you Healing Day 24/6

25 June, 2023

Thank you Healing day 24/6

Thank you Healing Day 24/6

Our Healing Days seem to get busier and busier and for this we are grateful.  We would like to thank the team for their time and the help they gave others.  We would like to thank the ladies that travelled from London to be at our day.  They have expressed their gratitude for the help that was given by Paul, John, Alan and Maureen.

There is no better thank you for us, than to a see a smile and we saw many on Saturday.

For those who came and did not get a chance to speak to our spiritual healer, there will be appointments made available, these will also be given freely as they could not be seen on the day.

We always miss our team members that could not attend but are still working behind the scenes to help the Healing Days.

We will announce in the next few weeks the date for our next  Day of Healing event also the start date and location for the self healing group.  The self healing group is about the strengthening the light that is within.   What ever battle we are fighting or going through, however big the hill we have to climb.  We can find the strength be it physical, mental or spiritual.

We look forward to seeing you all on the next event.

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