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Time to Sow – Matts Plot

15 February, 2021

It’s finally time to get going with the seeds.  


So, what to sow now? I’ve only sown a few things – tomatoes and chillies in heated propagated trays of beetroot, spring onion and radish in multi seed cell trays. 


It’s so easy to do, just grab your traywhether it’s a fancy one with a lid or your old blueberry pot with some cling film, it will still work the same: 

  • Half fill with some room temperature compost 
  • Slightly press down   
  • Open your seeds and spread them out over the compost, making sure none are touching 
  • Use a small amount of compost to cover the seeds and very gently water  
  • Place the lid or cling film on top 
  • Place on a warm windowsill or on a heated mat 

That’s it, just make sure they don’t dry out and your good to go. In a week or two you will see them starting to germinate and grow (Chillie’s take a bit longer). Once this happens, we will talk about potting them on. 


Now if you have module cells or some egg boxes, its again exactly the same process: 

  • Fill with compost  
  • Make a small hole in the middle 
  • Place 3-5 radish/beetroot seeds in the hole 
  • Cover over with small amount of compost  
  • Water carefully 
  • Place these in a warm room, these don’t need sunlight just yet  

Make sure they stay damp. They should germinate in a week and then they can be moved to a sunny windowsill. 


Try not to sow too many seeds at the moment or you will have every windowsill full. There’s lots of time to grow so no great rush just yet. If you don’t have the room to grow your own, you can purchase tomatoes seedlings from garden centres in the next month or so. 


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