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Golden Tree Pose

2 September, 2020

The Golden Tree- what is its inner teachings.


There is so much going on in our world at this moment, it is hard to know what is right and what is wrong, what are lies and what is truth, what is misleading and what can be trusted.  How does this influence our Yoga practice.

Many of us only work on the outer practice, if we have aches and pains then we do poses to strengthen the effected area.  Sometimes our muscles are out of balance so we do corrective postures.

So, what about discerning the truth, knowing the truth or finding the truth, being able to look at any situation and know that our choice, our path is the right one? What pose can I do to help me find truth.

There is truth in most things, but most truths comprise of views, he said this, she said that, my truth may not be the truth but an aspect of the truth, so how do we learn to trust and discern.

What about when truth is not truth, when it is lies, manipulations and slander, then how do we deal with these situations, are there poses which can help us navigate these dangerous waters.

If we can consider vibrational difference, and we understand instructions then there are poses that can improve our discernment, there are also poses which protect from untruths.  More important than the physical pose is the truth that the pose contains, the spiritual understanding, the union that can be found.  We may have a marvellous machine that does everything we need but if we can’t turn it on then what is the point, can our practice be like the machine?

Unfortunately, in the west we will be hard pushed to find a place that teaches these poses as it now more a recreational practice as appose to a method of raising our vibrations.  Why do we need to raise our vibrations anyway, this is one of the key aspects in our path to discernment?  Even when facing adverse situations, if our vibrations are high, then we can create favourable conditions to endure any circumstances.


To find these poses we must search for the truth, the truth that is within and they can be found when we are properly grounded.


So we will leave you now with somethings to ponder and before we give answers we hope this will make you think and for some to start asking more and to look at your practice in a way that will provide the keys to bring peace in to our lives.

The word “Pose” is only the outer shell of something bigger, think of package coming through the post, and when you open it, it has wrapping paper on and inside something even better.

We will start you off- Pose-concept- thought- brainwave- vibration. Now imagine what was in the package above……

The inner teaching is the seed that creates, communicates and is always the truth, we just need to know how to find it and how to apply it.

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