Not in my purse.

13 July, 2023

Not in my purse LifeBalance

Not in my purse – LifeBalance


This may sound a little odd for a title, but it will make complete sense by the time our readers finish reading the article.  We may believe it or not, but this will help us with our own knowledge and understanding.  We may even think differently about our own yoga practice.

Many of our titles and lessons are abstract.  This is how it is supposed to be, as it allows us to think and to look from a new perspective.  We are going to share a story that the Sufi’s teach about Jesus, or Issa as they call him.  We know him as Yeshua.

“Yeshua was walking through a busy market with his disciples when an angry man approached him.  The man cursed and shouted at Yeshua, calling him all sorts of names and insults, blaming him for this and that.  Yeshua said nothing and allowed the man to have his rant”.

When the man had gone, the disciples who were more flustered than the teacher, asked.

“Teacher, that man threw many insults, why did you not get angry?”.

Yeshua simply replied.  I cannot spend what is not in my purse.

This is one of those stories that the more we look at it, the more we read it, contemplate it.  It changes everything.  I cannot spend what is not in my purse.  Let us all think about the times we have shown anger, could we have been this calm.  We are all somewhere with only a matter of degrees separating.

For those that understand there are many spiritual laws operating in the few words above.

As many of us know it is not just Anger(wrath) that can be in our purses, there could be other things, greed, pride, lust, envy, sloth, gluttony.  We may have never considered our purse before.  This lesson is a gateway to further understanding.

For those of us following a spiritual path or undertaking esoteric practices, for those of us who practice yoga.  There are dangers, confusion and mental instability.  Even in our daily lives our money may be bad.  By that we mean what is in our purse.

Not in my purse – LifeBalance

In certain practices we need to be an empty purse before we even begin to attempt unfoldment.  If we hold any of these pennies, then we are asking for trouble and it will find us. If we look from the aspect of yoga poses, before we even get on the mat.  We may have more in our purse than a pose can counteract.  What is in our purse effects our union.

However, those of us who are trying to improve or change, then the path is simple.  We just try to empty our purses.  We try not to practice these habits, we battle.  As we have the habit of going to our classes.  We learn how to wrestle free from the above items in our purse.  We create positive habits.

When we look at something it changes

We have written on the importance of not lying to ourselves, creating stories in our minds to justify our actions.  Learning to be honest with ourselves always helps.

This is why we say always set our intentions for a good old stretch.  As we may find certain yoga poses can bring out the worst in us.  If we are imitating in form only then we are not getting the benefits to help change or improve.  As we know, not all yoga’s create union and not all poses are helpful for the spirit within.  You will know when they hinder.

We ask this question.  Does our yoga help us empty our purse?

Emptying our purse will help us find peace!

Unfortunately, our purse will not just affect our yoga practice.  We ask our readers to think where else our purse may interfere.  It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, whatever is in our purse goes with us.  As many do not understand what these attributes can attract.

What we can offer.  For those who want peace or to see the change that Jnana yoga or spiritual wisdom can bring on our chosen path. We offer the following.

Take the path of the peaceful warrior, not just imitating – PRACTICE the qualities the poses are trying to teach us.  Doing this allows those higher vibrations to become part of us.

To help find our peaceful warrior we must understand the child’s pose and learn the qualities to help empty our purse.

To understand both warrior pose and child’s pose we must learn from the mountain.  We need to find our mother, the wisdom of the mountain pose.  She will help us fill our purse but not with money.

We have written much over the last 7 years about the above 3 sentences. The help and understanding are already there.  If any of our readers wish to know more or to learn, need help making the changes they need.  Get in touch.

The following 2 links will provide many lessons.  There are 12 articles on the warrior pose.  You will also find complementing articles written by the whole team.




Maybe it is time to change our purse, refine our purse.

As no one puts new wine into old skins



If you wish to know more about what we do, then why not join Lisa for a yoga class.  You can also come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library on Sat the 23rd of September 10-2pm or join us on our “Bottom of the Pot” self-healing group.


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