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Panic attacks

22 March, 2023

panic attacks

Those of us who suffer from panic attacks know how destructive they can be.  They can arrive for no reason or from a cause that we are not aware of.  Sometimes panic attacks can arise from misadventure or in some cases our own fear of death/loss or when we realise our time on this planet is finite.

For those who wish to know a bit more you can read the following link. https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/feelings-symptoms-behaviours/feelings-and-symptoms/anxiety-fear-panic/

Once we have felt the fear it can stimulate a physical response, the mind can run wild, we feel terrible.  Unfortunately the body remembers this fear, any similar thought or feeling can bring it on.  Square peg-Square hole as they say.

If you do suffer from panic attacks this is something that the LB team can help with.  Maureen can teach breathing techniques and talk us through the process so we understand.  Paul can help with the thoughts and calming the mind.  Rachael can give us a lift in energies, raise our vibrations and help with the stress. Dionne can help us train our mind to create positive pictures.   John can help with releasing muscles and dealings with pain that may stimulate a negative thought.  Lisa can help us to strengthen our own light or simply make a cup of tea or coffee and guide us to the right member of the team.

Truth is all the team can help, each with the own unique lens to focus on the problem.  If you are suffering or know someone who is in discomfort then come and talk to us. It doesn’t matter how tough we are it can hit any of us at any time.  We need to learn the signs and put measures in place to try and control or limit the damage.  For us sufferers when we are in a flat spin, we may just need to ride it out.

We need some tools to combat and train the mind.

What we would like to introduce today is some potential spiritual reasons for panic attacks and what is called the emotional body, which is a subtle energy field which surrounds the body.  There are several other subtle bodies and we have written about them in other articles.  Sometimes the panic attacks can lead us to where we are meant to be.  In my own case this what put me on my path and changed my life for the good.  I was off course and something of a stronger force needed to push me back on track.

Outside of physical issues we can pick up unseen spiritual influences, these unseen influences and vibrations effect how are own body vibrates.  If we have been battling, addicted, struggling, grieving to name a few then we can create the right environment for our vibration to be hijacked or invite in a problem.  Many have no idea, nor interested or think it is mumbo jumbo.

Panic attacks.

We hear many people talking about energy, without realising this only a part of the problem.  An example of this is a yoga pose but a pose can be a thought.  The pose, changes our vibration and then if practiced and held it attracts the correct energy for change.  This is another big subject but basics need to be understood and the contraindications understood.  See the yoga mat article-https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/yogic-lessons-the-yoga-mat/ and Pauls article “Thoughts on thoughts”. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/thoughts-on-thoughts-the-enlightened-mind/

Back to our panic attacks, sometimes our vibration has changed and this has brought a negative energy into our lives, this negative energy feeds off our fear, so when scared it becomes fed.  Very simple our emotional body is having the life sucked out of it.  We then become controlled by the fear, stop doing things, lose our speech, cant think.  There are so many negative and crippling effects.  This loss or change of  energy  then impacts the mental subtle body and the downward spiral begins again.  We also need to know what will make it worse such as certain thoughts or yoga’s 1-4.  https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/energies-emotions-and-yoga/

If we are very unlucky we may have attached a spirit that is intent on causing harm, we see this with those who battle addictions and not realise what is happening.  This then may need what we call a removal.  https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/spiritual-healing/  It may even be coming from another source and this vibration is interfering with our own! If you wish to know more about this or need help with anything that we have written then come and see us on our “Day of Healing” at Crosby Library.   All help given on the day is free of charge.        https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/   https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/events-getting-the-help-we-need/


We need to raise our vibration – we need to strengthen the light that is within


Where there is Light there can be no dark.


Remember you can get in touch with any of the team and make 1-1 appointments via the contact page.

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